Automatic Machine wrapping with tabs

  • It is used for warpping using polypropylene foil (the sides are welded in the shape of an envelope, only cuboids like boxes, cassets)
  • It is optionally equipped with a device to stick a ribbon
  • It is optionally equipped with a device, which gives a possibility of packing using printed foil
  • It is optionally equipped with a sorter, which makes it easier to recive foliated objects
  • Objects are supplied by the container
  Measurements of the foliated object
- height h (mm) 4,5
- width b (mm) 50
- length l (mm) 50
- height h (mm) 10
- width b (mm) 100
- length l (mm) 75


Performance Characteristics:  
Gabarit measurements: height 1700   length: 1300    width: 700 (mm)
Weight: 90 (kg)
Power supply: 230 V AC 800 W, compressed air 6 bar